Water Soluble Tapes, RoHS Compliant
Water soluble tapes are made of biodegradable material. Water Soluble Tapes are used in masking of circuit boards during wave soldering and other electronic manufacturing processes. They remove easily and has no silicone and are environmentally friendly.

Water Soluble Tapes dissolve in water and can withstand temperature up to 500°F/260°C. They are packaged in a 3" core and are 36 yards long

Water soluble tape Applications: Gold leaf masking of printed circuit boards during wave soldering, transformer and capacitor insulation, powder coating and high temperature applications.
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
WST-1/4 1/4" Water Soluble Tape $59.00
WST-1/2 1/2" Water Soluble Tape $78.00
WST-3/4 3/4" Water Soluble Tape $99.00
WST-2 2" Water Soluble Tape $189.00