Polyimide Masking Discs, RoHS Compliant
Polyimide Masking Discs are made of high temperature polyimide film. These masking discs are used in masking of circuit boards during wave soldering or other electronic manufacturing processes. It can be used in powder coating, automotive and transformer manufacturing. Polyimide masking discs have high dielectric strength. Polyimide masking discs offers excellent performance in electrical and thermal insulation.

Polyimide masking discs have 1.5 mil of silicon adhesive which does not leave any residue. It can withstand temperature up to 500°F/260°C. The masking discs conform to MIL SPEC MIL-P-46112 Type I. It is packaged in 3" core.

Applications: Electrical Insulation, Gold leaf mask of printed circuit boards during wave soldering, transformer and capacitor insulation, powder coating and high temperature applications.

Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
PPD-1/8 1/8" High Temperature Dots, 2000/Roll $13.00
PPD-1/4 1/4" High Temperature Dots, 2000/Roll $27.00
PPD-3/8 3/8" High Temperature Dots, 2000/Roll $29.00
PPD-1/2 1/2" High Temperature Dots, 2000/Roll $39.00
PPD-3/4 3/4" High Temperature Dots, 1000/Roll $43.00
PPD-1 1" High Temperature Dots, 500/Roll $30.00
PPD-2 2" High Temperature Dots, 250/Roll $49.00