Green Polyester Masking Discs, RoHS Compliant
Green Polyester Masking Discs also known as Green Powder Coating Discs are used in powder coating, plating and anodizing to mask areas that do not require coating or plating. Green masking tape is extremely economical and will remove cleanly without leaving any residue.

Green Powder Coating Discs are made of 2 mil thick polyester and 1.5 mil thick silicone adhesive. It can withstand temperature up to 400°F/204°C. It is packaged in a 3" core and is 36 yards long.

Green Powder Coating Disc Applications: Photo splicing, powder coating, anodizing, e-coating, general purpose masking.
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
GPD-1/4 1/4" Green Polyester Dots, 2000/Roll $15.98
GPD-1/2 1/2" Green Polyester Dots, 2000/Roll $34.98
GPD-3/4 3/4" Green Polyester Dots, 1000/Roll $32.98
GPD-1 1" Green Polyester Dots, 500/Roll $32.98
GPD-1 1/2 1 1/2" Green Polyester Dots, 500/Roll $64.98
GPD-2 2" Green Polyester Dots, 250/Roll $49.98