2 Mil Kapton® Tapes, RoHS Compliant
2 Mil Kapton® tapes are made of high temperature polyimide film. These Kapton® tapes are used in masking of circuit boards during wave soldering or other electronic manufacturing processes. They can be used in powder coating, automotive and transformer manufacturing. They have a high dielectric strength. Kapton® tapes offer excellent performance in electrical and thermal insulation.

2 Mil Kapton® tapes are made of 2 Mil thick Polyimide material with 1.5 mil of silicone adhesive and do not leave any residue. They can withstand temperature up to 500°F/260°C and conforms to MIL SPEC MIL-P-46112 Type I. They are packaged in 3" core and are 36 yards long.

Applications: Electrical Insulation, Gold leaf mask of printed circuit boards during wave soldering, transformer and capacitor insulation, powder coating and high temperature applications.

Cross Reference: Furon (K350), Permacel (P-222), Intertape (4429), D/W (304-2)

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Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
KPT2-1/4 1/4", 2Mil Kapton Tape $11.00
KPT2-1/2 1/2", 2Mil Kapton Tape $21.00
KPT2-3/4 3/4", 2Mil Kapton Tape $32.00
KPT2-1 1", 2Mil Kapton Tape $42.00
KPT2-1 1/2 1 1/2", 2Mil Kapton Tape $64.00
KPT2-2 2", 2Mil Kapton Tape $84.00
KPT2-21/2 2 1/2", 2Mil Kapton Tape $105.00
KPT2-3 3", 2Mil Kapton Tape $128.00